According to Dr. John Luther “Competence, communication and compassion are all key features of a good dentist.” Hence a good dentist can never be only skilled and not good at communication. A dentist is someone who specialises in oral dental problems. Dentists remove plaque, fill cavities, extract teeth, treat root canals, and provide guidance on oral health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and mouth cancer. ion of your teeth, braces may take anywhere between 6 months to 2.5 years to straighten your teeth.

Symptoms and preventive measures of common dental issues:

If you do not take care of your dental issues while they are still at initial stages than the conditions might get severe. Regular dental check-ups are one of the best ways to maintain your oral health.
Keep an eye out for the most common symptoms:
● Persistent pain
●Sensitivity to heat or cold
●Discoloration of tooth
●Swollen gums
● Sudden pain when the teeth is touched
●Cracked tooth
●Uneasy mobility of the tooth

Look at the following steps to maintain your dental health:
●Brushing helps in the removal of plaque from the enamel of your teeth.
●Using dental floss, try to remove plaque between your teeth on a regular basis.
● Try to restrict your intake of sweets, cakes, and soda.
● Visit a dentist on frequently for tests and cleaning.

Our Treatments:

● Root Canal Treatment
We currently provide a set of dental treatments with their corresponding dental treatment packages. Some of the treatments that we provide are mentioned below:
●Root Canal Treatment
● Teeth Filling
● Braces and Aligners
● Dental Implants
● Dentures
● Teeth Whitening
● Paediatric Dentistry
● Wisdom Tooth Removal
● Clear Aligners
● Laser Dentistry
● Veneers/Laminates
● Jaw Joint Disorder
● Gum Depigmentation
● Teeth Cleaning/scaling
● Digital Smile Design
● Myobrace

Our Treatment Packages:

There are currently three different treatment packages available. Given below is a brief description of each such package, for easy reference:
Teeth Whitening Package:
● Full mouth examination
●Teeth cleaning
● Advanced zoom teeth whitening
● Home whitening kit
● Free pick and drop from the hotel/airport at the time of appointment
●Customized Hyderabad tour plan

Smile Makeover Package:

● Full mouth examination
●Custom made veneers from our in-house dental lab
● Dental X-rays
● Smile preview
● Joint consultation with multi-specialized team
●Free pick and drop from the hotel/airport at the time of appointment
●Customized Hyderabad tour plan

Dental Implants Package:

● Full mouth examination
● Custom made crowns from our in-house dental lab
● Dental X-rays & advanced CBCT Scan
●Joint consultation with multi-specialized team
●Smile preview
●Free pick and drop from the hotel/airport at the time of appointment
●Customized Hyderabad tour plan

Why choose us?

Here at Qdental, we will respond to dental concerns around-the-clock. During weekends, national holidays, afternoons, and late at night, our clinic is open.
We have:
●Our own world-class dental laboratory - for extraordinary results and completely customised crowns
●We customise your smile with the latest technology.
●We provide you with a personalised regimen in order to get the greatest results.
●We offer transparent rates with no extra charges or hidden charges.
●7 branches have been set up across Hyderabad.
●Our highly skilled team of 50+ highly qualified Dentists from across the world

For any other queries contact us phone 9000 960 696 / 9676 824 365 to consult the Best Dentist in Kukatpally and set up an appointment for dental procedures.
Visit the Best Dental Hospital at Kukatpally for any dental issues. Location: KPHB, Kukatpally.


Which doctor is best for teeth in Hyderabad?

If you are no longer satisfied with your family dentist than try looking out for a couple of dental clinic websites before making appointments

How do I choose a dental clinic?

Depending on your location, severity of your disease and your budget you must look out for the ideal dental clinic for you. Visit Qdental for the cheap and best dentist in Kukatpally.

What to expect during the dental consultation?

A couple of questions regarding the current symptoms, medications is the first thing to expect at consultation, followed by a detailed instruction regarding the dental procedures.

Can the dentist whiten my teeth?

Teeth whitening generally includes the action of bleaching one’s teeth. So obviously your dentist can whiten your teeth.

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