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Same Day Implants

Same-day implants, also known as single-day implants, make it possible to replace your missing teeth on the same day.

Choosing the Best Same Day Implants

What are Same Day Implants?

In our dental clinic in Hyderabad, our same-day implant treatment begins with an evaluation of your eligibility for the procedure.

During your appointment, we will carefully place best dental implants in your jaw, leveraging the existing bone structure to avoid the need for intricate bone grafts.

Once the implants have been secured in the jawbone, the teeth restoration (such as a dental bridge) will be attached to them.

Immediately after the same-day teeth treatment, you will notice significant enhancement in the appearance of your smile, and you will be able to utilize the implants and teeth replacements right away.

Restore your Smile in a Day’s Time

This innovative procedure enables patients to receive new teeth immediately following tooth extraction

Immediate implantation of teeth is particularly effective for front teeth. When certain conditions are met, including dental recommendations, immediate implants can be placed after tooth extractions with favourable outcomes.

In our dental hospital in kukatpally, we provide best same-day implant treatment by using latest available digital dental technology.

Difference Between Before and After Same Day Implants


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Nowshad shaik

The hygiene and the extravagant cleanliness in the clinic will definitely standout and the prices are below the market rates. Thanks to all the Doctors and staff of QDental. Please do visit just for a regular check up and thank me later.😊😊


I like the way doctors and staff respect the patient. Clinic ambience is outstanding and following good Stabilization protocol. Treatment line also vere genuinely given and my experience here is memorable. I will come back again for dental problems😊😊

Sachin Bisht

I had previously inquired at 5 of the top hospitals in Hyderabad before finally finding trust and confidence in Q DentalEven after the treatment, Overall, Q Dental is the best dental clinic I've ever been to, and I'm grateful for their outstanding care. Thank you so much! 😊😊

Ashish singh Rajput

choose to go to Q dental on google reviews and the good reviews turned out to be true.Great Experience in Q dental. Great ambience and highly equipped with advanced digital dentistry. Happy to choose Q dental and i recommend the same to my dear once. Overall good experience😊😊