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3D Guided Dental Implants

3D guided implant surgery has proven to be an effective solution for providing best dental implant treatment, particularly for individuals with bone loss.

Choosing the Best 3d Guided Implants

Replacing missing teeth through best dental implant treatment is a minimally invasive approach.

Unlike other methods, implants rest inside the bone, just like a natural tooth, and do not affect the surrounding tooth structure.

Leveraging our in-house CBCT and cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, we can meticulously design a customized treatment plan to ensure a precise and reliable dental implant procedure for our patients.

3D Guided Implant Surgery

By utilizing 3D imaging in dentistry, our expert dentists can plan the placement of your dental implants and generate a 3D surgical guide.

This guide is inserted into your mouth during your dental implant appointment, especially if you’re receiving All-on-Four or All-on-Six dental implants, to precisely indicate the location of each implant installation.

3D guided implant surgery has proven to be an effective solution for providing best dental implant treatment, particularly for individuals with bone loss.

Recovery time is also typically smoother with 3D dental implants, enhancing your comfort and overall care experience, despite dental implant treatment already being gentle and straightforward.

If You’re Considering 3D Dental Implants

At our Q dental Hyderabad facilities, we prioritize the highest level of care and attention for our patients by incorporating cone beam imaging equipment, also known as “cone-beam X-ray.” With the help of advanced dental design and development technology, 3D imaging enhances the predictability of dental treatments and makes it a safe and straightforward option for individuals with missing teeth.

At out dental clinic in Kukatpally we provide top-notch zero pain dental implant treatment by using latest 3D imaging dental technology.

What to Expect

Step 1: Your Scan and Consultation

During your dental implant examination and consultation, we will discuss about the best possible treatment options for your situation.

Using 3D CBCT scan we will evaluate your internal oral anatomy, including bone density and structure.

we’ll have a surgical guide created based on your 3D scan, if you decide to move forward with treatment

Step 2: Your Dental Implants are Installed

It is possible to place dental implants in a single, uncomplicated appointment.

If you would prefer to have the procedure done under sedation, that is always an available choice.

Many people are surprised to discover that dental implant treatment is painless and less uncomfortable than they thought.

Step 3: Prosthesis Placement

After the dental implants are in place, a temporary or permanent restoration, like a crown, bridge, overdenture, All-on-4, etc., will be affixed to them.

It may be necessary to wear an interim prosthesis for a short time as the bone fuses with the implants and before the final fixed restorations can be installed.

These permanent restorations are designed to withstand the full biting and chewing pressure.

Difference Between Before and After 3D Guided dental Implants Treatment



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