A damaged or severely infected tooth can be retained by a root canal treatment. A dentist who specialises in root canals or dentistry performs this operation.

For easy reference, keep an eye out for the symptoms listed below:

● Constant discomfort
● Sensitivity to heat or cold
● Swollen gums
● Sudden soreness when teeth are touched
● Broken tooth
● Unsteady mobility of the tooth

What is a Root Canal?all on six dental implant

When a root canal procedure is done, the infection or inflamed core is extracted.
The inner part of the teeth is properly disinfected and cleaned before being filled and sealed.

What are the Different Types of Root Canals?

Root canal treatments occur in both:
● surgical and
● non-surgical forms.
Both techniques seek to extract the tooth's internal tissues, remove the source of infection, and protect the healthy tooth.

What are the Causes, and Preventions?

The primary causes of decay or infection are gum infections, common dental procedures on a particular tooth, cavities caused by the accumulation of plaque, and broken teeth led on by accidents or trauma.

Mentioned below are the steps to avoid a root canal:

● Brushing and flossing regularly will help in avoiding plaque formation.
● Using Fluoride toothpaste is an even better option to restore the health of your teeth.
● Limiting the consumption of sweet food is a nice preventive measure.
● If you are currently suffering from cavities then make sure to get them treated.

Our Treatments:

● Root Canal Treatment
We currently provide a set of dental treatments with their corresponding dental treatment packages. Some of the treatments that we provide are mentioned below:
●Root Canal Treatment
● Teeth Filling
● Braces and Aligners
● Dental Implants
● Dentures
● Teeth Whitening
● Paediatric Dentistry
● Wisdom Tooth Removal
● Clear Aligners
● Laser Dentistry
● Veneers/Laminates
● Jaw Joint Disorder
● Gum Depigmentation
● Teeth Cleaning/scaling
● Digital Smile Design
● Myobrace

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What is the Root Canal Treatment Cost near Kukatpally?

Local regulations affect how much a root canal procedure cost. A crown placement will cost between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 2500, while a root canal procedure will cost approximately Rs. 2000.

What is the Laser Root Canal Treatment Cost in Kphb, Kukatpally, and Hyderabad?

The cost of a laser root canal in Hyderabad ranges from 5000 to 8000 Indian rupees.


Can a tooth be preserved by a root canal?

The tooth needs root canal therapy to be saved if an infection develops when bacteria reach a tooth's deepest layer.

How long does Root Canal treatment take?

Usually, a root canal surgery lasts between thirty and sixty minutes.

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