Have you been searching for invisible teeth braces cost in Kukatpally or metal braces cost in Hyderabad? If yes, this blog is exactly what you need right now, to get all your answers. As someone who is planning to get a teeth alignment treatment, you should know the types of treatments available- Braces and Aligners. While you would get the same results in either treatment, it's crucial to know if braces or aligners are better. Keep reading to know about dental braces and aligners' treatment so you can make the best decision.

Who Needs Braces and Aligners Treatment?

The benefits of getting braces or aligners are not limited to just a perfect smile.
The high rates of success make this treatment even more desirable.
However, there are certain signs you would want to look for, if you are planning for this dental treatment.
●Visible crooked or crowded teeth.
● Frequently cutting or biting your tongue while chewing, or having difficulty in chewing.
● Having extreme difficulty cleaning or flossing between teeth.
● Feeling it difficult to pronounce a few words or talk because of teeth-positioning.
● Stressed or tired jawline after chewing.
All these signs tell you that you need braces or aligners for better oral hygiene and health. While all these signs are true in case of children, early or late loss of baby teeth is also a reason why a kid may need braces.

Are Braces or Aligners Better?

The debate of 'braces vs aligners' has been going on since the introduction of aligners. If you are looking for a clear answer, here it is-
● Traditional metal braces extremely irritate the mouth, come with numerous limitations in food consumption habits, and cannot be removed manually. However, this treatment ensures timely success as it's durable and reliable.
● Invisalign braces or aligners are transparent and comfortable to wear. This means no awkwardness when you wear them and no irritation in the mouth. However, this treatment may take a longer time to succeed as aligners are manually removable.
There are pros and cons to both braces and aligners. If you are an adult who wants to align your teeth while not making it obvious- aligners can be of great help. However, if you are looking for a treatment that can give long-term results for your kid- traditional braces can do it right.

About Us:

At QDental, we are an experienced team of dentists who work to give you the healthiest oral hygiene every day. We offer a wide variety of treatments for teeth alignment, teeth replacement, and teeth cleaning.
All these treatments are curated especially keeping in mind the needs that may arise in adults as well as kids.

Why Choose Us?

● Affordable Treatment Plans: If you look for teeth aligners cost in Hyderabad, you may come across a wide range. But at QDental, we ensure to offer plans that are affordable and true to their worth. You are sure to get the best metal and ceramic braces cost in Hyderabad with us.
● Experienced Dentists: We have a vast team of dentists who come from different backgrounds. With dentists who have expertise in specific treatments, you are sure to experience a smooth oral health treatment with us.
● Patient Satisfaction: Be it a kid or adult who is visiting us for treatment, we ensure that you leave us with a happy smile every time. As dentists, our only aim is to make you happy with the results that you see.

Which Doctor is Best for Braces in Kukatpally?

If you are looking for the best dental clinic for braces in Kukatpally, you would come across numerous clinics and doctors. And, QDental is one of the top clinics to come on your list.
Given the experienced dentists and flexible treatment plans that we offer at QDental, you should give this clinic a try. We offer the best invisible braces in Hyderabad. Our variety also includes ceramic and metal braces to help you get the healthiest teeth and a perfect smile.

Get Your Perfect Smile With Us!

Whether you're looking for braces for 4 front teeth in Hyderabad or 6-month braces cost in Hyderabad- QDental is your destination to get all the information. Get in touch with us today and get that perfect smile from our dentists.


1. How much do aligners and braces treatments cost in Hyderabad?

This depends on the clinic you are opting for. Generally, it varies between 35,000 to 1 lac rupees- depending on whether it's braces or Invisalign aligners. For the best rates, you may want to contact QDental and get the right details.

2. How long do braces take to straighten teeth?

Depending on the present condition of your teeth, braces may take anywhere between 6 months to 2.5 years to straighten your teeth.

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